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Electrical System

Fit-Outs Job

Supply and Installation of electrical systems in workspace/Office, where the base construction / shell & core is completed by landlord. Obtain Electrical NOC for additional Power Load upgrades where the existing load is not sufficient. Obtain Government approval for Fit-out office merging/separation.

Electrical Design & Load Schedule Preparation

Electrical requirement study and design as per standard regulation. Electrical survey, Load Study, Load Schedule preparation, Electrical Shop Drawing Preparation, Single Line Diagram etc.

Electrical Maintenance & Renovations

Electrical Maintenance & Renovations involving restoration and repairing of an existing electrical circuit and systems, Switch & Sockets, Wiring, Armoured XLPE/SWA/PVC/CU cable, HO7 Cable, Electrical Distribution box, SMDB, Capacitor banks, LV Panels, etc. And Power upgrade for new requirement / new installation in as per Electrical standard.

Under a contract, we shall provide periodical inspection, Electrical repair and maintenance of circuits and systems at your premises. Our experienced and qualified electricians shall handle any kind of electrical emergency situations.

Electrical Load Survey

Lighting load – Internal & external, Utility power load, Mechanical loads like Chillers,, AHU’s, FCU’s, Pumps, Fans, Water transfer pumps, Booster pumps, Fire Fighting pumps, Jockey pumps, Diesel pump, Lifts, Elevator, data centre (Server) loads for office, electrical distribution for installation, Panels, Switch Board/Motor control centres, Final Distribution boards (DB’s)

Troubleshooting / Health Checks

Health checks the electrical circuit, systems and controls and provide test results and recommend the right solutions to fix the issues. Meggar test, Continuity test, earth test for resistance, etc.

Electrical Earthing Systems

Design and construction of safe earthing systems as per Standard regulations for residential, commercial and industrial projects through the installation of durable copper earthing rods and earth pits.

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