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Annual Maintenance Contract AMC

Protect your infrastructure from any fire incident by taking Annual Maintenance Contract services from Samarth Engineering Fire & Safety at cheapest price ever with ISO and NFPA standards.

Why only authorized AMC

​We are servicing life-saving devices with passion and precision. We are the best equipped to maintain them. This is why the law dictates that all must be serviced and maintained only by authorized personnel.

AMC Package

​Our technical team is a group of skilled, trained and authority approved engineers & technicians who undertake a Quarterly Service Schedule for AMC customers to ensure that every equipment in the client’s premises is always working optimally.

Fire Fighting System

 Monthly checking of the extinguisher will be done as per IS 2190 : 1992.

Complete examination of the extinguisher, weight should be checked compulsory.

Examine the extinguisher externally and internally for any corrosion or damage.

Checking of all components of extinguisher (i.e. inner container / cap assembly / washers /
discharge tube etc.) if any parts damaged replace by new one immediately and the items will be supplied from fire station or separate charge for supply of items will be admissible, So that price list of spare items such as washer, inner container, cartridges, discharge tube, nozzles, cap assembly, safety pin/cap/clip etc. will also be submitted with the offer.

Oiling and greasing of all threaded components compulsory.

Stirring /shaking or powder in DCP extinguishers if required the powder should be removed and refilled.

Refilling of extinguishers if necessary. (Refills will be supplied from Samarth Engineering or extra charges /cost for refilling is admissible, so that price lists of refills for 90 Ltrs. and 50 Ltrs. Cap. Mech. Foam extinguisher will also be submitted along with the offer).

Washing of water, foam type and cleaning DCP extinguishers from inside before refilling.

Washing of Co2 gas cartridges fitted inside the extinguishers and Co2 extinguishers for checking gas content and changing if required (refilled gas cartridges will be provided from Samarth Engineering or extra costs for refilling of cartridges are admissible).

Records of date wise checking extinguisher, refilling / servicing / pressure testing etc.

A visual inspection of every device in the “List of Equipment” will be performed to ensure that no facility changes have occurred which could affect equipment or system performance based on the original design.

Every device and control function shown in the “List of Equipment” will be physically activated to ensure its functionality as designed and installed. Testing takes into consideration the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) requirements, local ambient conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Samarth Engineering will follow NFPA 72 recommended test methods and frequencies as a minimum guideline for system testing

System components will be cleaned, recalibrate and retested if necessary, to ensure continued performance and reduce the risk of component or system failure. During scheduled visits, minor repairs will be made, such as replacement of faulty detectors or damaged devices.

During Checking any fault if indicated on any of the panels and rectifies the same immediately

On servicing, check free opening and closing of valve.

Lubricate if necessary.

Confirm the seals are not worn-out

The fire hose should be run-out and checked for leakages

The pump must be checked to ensure it is giving rated pressure

Another aspect of hydrant system is that it can incorporate foam units to cater for fires involving different classes like liquids and other risks.

Check the free movement of the reel and condition of  control arm.  

Ensure that the rubber hose is not broken or worn out  

Check for leakages normally caused by worn-out ‘O’ rings which should be replaced.

Ensure the nozzle is giving the three modes of jet, spray, and jet/spray.

Confirm the gate valve is closing and opening

Pump run at least 10 min and checking records Section and outlet pressure Circulation relief valve flow Packing glands for slight discharge and adjust, if necessary Packing boxes, bearing and pump casing for overheating


Fire Alarm System

Test the control panel functions to include the lamps and LED’s, check fuses, interf primary power

Clean all smoke detectors properly

Test smoke detectors by introducing approved aerosol into smoke detector chamber, or specific manufacturer recommended methods of performing the proper test and verify the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.

Test manual pull stations through a full range of motion and verify the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.

Test heat detectors with a heat gun and verify proper alarm activation at the Fire alarm control panel.

Test and inspect all audible and visual devices to ensure that they are unobstructed, proper lights activate and the sound level is above ambient noise levels.Random check of circuit supervision to ensure fire alarm panel detects an open circuit.Load test stand-by batteries and check auxiliary functions such as door release and damper release.

Test battery charger.If a dialer is installed, verify the central station monitoring company received the appropriate signals.Remote annunciator is tested to verify it accurately portrays where the alarm exists in the protected premises.

Test duct detectors and ensure proper unit shutdown, if applicable.

Check any auxiliary devices that may exist and are listed on the equipment list included in this contract (door holder release, dampers, etc).NFPA requires sensitivity testing of smoke detectors to be performed initially and every other year thereafter.This service is not included in this contract unless specifically stated and for an additional fee.

Test alarm devices located in the elevator shafts (smoke and heat detectors). Note: A representative from the elevatorservice company is required to be present during inspections to allow access to shaft and to run the elevator.

Our expert Fire alarm inspection technicians’number Make sure your Fire alarm is fully functional so it will perform
properly when needed in a time of emergency or to notify you of faulty devices in your building. We provide Fire alarm inspection for all brands.


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