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Electrical Energy Audit


An energy audit is a study or inspection survey to determine energy consumption pattern and trend of facilities, system equipment. Based on Energy survey, Energy Bills, system design and measurement calculations report is generated.

Analysis of energy flows can further be determined for energy conservation in a building. It may include a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output. In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprint.

These are few highlights of typical energy audit.

  • The analysis of building and utility data, including study of the installed equipment and analysis of energy bills;
  • The survey of the real operating conditions;
  • The understanding of the building behavior and of the interactions with weather, occupancy and operating schedules;
  • The selection and the evaluation of energy conservation measures;
  • The estimation of energy saving potential;
  • The identification of customer concerns and needs.

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