Rated Power 6W 30W 60W 120W
Type Resist Trans 1 Trans 2 Trans 2
Steps 5 5 5 5
Wall Plate Plastic
Relay / / / /
Dimensions 82.5×82.5 x45mm
Trans 1 DIM 77x77x27mm
Trans 2 DIM 74x74x27mm

AudioTrak ceiling speakers are exceptional quality, economic flush-mounting ceiling loudspeakers for general purpose applications. These speakers have three spring mounted clips for fast installation; the wiring can be rapidly connected without tools via the spring loaded terminals.

  • The Plena Voice Alarm Controller unit is the heart of the voice alarm system. … The controller can be used as a stand-alone system with up to six zones, or expanded to up to 120 zones using additional six-zone routers.

  • Features

    • Standard machine cabinet design (1u), contraption, Exquisite craft, high-grade temperament.
    • With mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth module, Digital screen displaying the current music from USB.
    • With mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth remote control function.
    • 1EMC input, 2 AUX input, 4MIC input
    • Channel priority: EMC > MIC1>MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2.
    • Each channel has volume control function, master volume controls and bass/treble tone control.
    • Has level indicator, overload and protection indicator.
    • With High temp, overload & short-circuit protection.
    • 2 output modes : 100V, 70V (non- Bridged mode).
    • High energy and energy saving design of power supply and efficient power amplifier.
  • The BS-680U speakers have a strong, all-metal body, and are ideally suited for emergency broadcasting (voice alarm system) applications. The 6″ (16cm) double cone speaker unit ensures high-quality sound. They can be quickly and easily installed in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. Either concealed in-wall wiring or exposed wiring can be used for speaker cable connection. The BS-680U provides two ceramic screw terminal blocks (1 cable to 1 connection type) allow bridge connection. The selectable input impedance can be easily adjusted by changing the top position of the unit’s transformer. Both wall and in-wall mounting are possible. The innovative structural design permits direct wall stud installation with screws.
  • Tabletop mics are a must have if you use a desktop computer and wish to communicate with your colleagues or loved ones. The iBall M27 mic is a table top mic from iBall aleading brand in computer peripherals and devices. This micoffers excellent sound quality that is distortion free.
  • Definition of: preamppreamp. (PREAMPlifier) Meaning “before the amp,” thepreamp is the primary control unit in a stereo or home theater system. It switches low-level signals from audio and video sources to the audio amplifiers, which boost the preamp output sufficiently to drive the speakers.

  • The SHX-200 Voice Evacuation System operates with any Fire Alarm Panel (FACP), and provides 200 Watts of speaker power.

    The System includes all necessary features to provide an effective voice evacuation system. With the addition of zone splitters, remote microphone panels, and expander modules, the system can be custom configured to satisfied the needs of most applications.

    The System has its own power supply and battery charger. Panel must be wired with 220 VAC and standby batteries connected.

    A digital message repeater (DMR) is built into the system. The selection of alarm tone and automatic message repeats, as well as the 6 hour delay of the AC power failure reporting feature are all field configurable.

    The paging microphone is an integral component. Removal of the microphone from the panel will cause a “Trouble” condition which will be reported locally, as well as through the FACP.

    The system is housed in an attractive surface or semi-flush mounted backbox, with a hinge and key locked door.

  • An amplifier, or amp, is a device that modulates the amplitude of a sound signal. Generally, the signal is a current or voltage. … A mixer is an electronic device which is often used for changing the quality and the levels of audio signals. It is also known as a mixing console, an audio mixer, or a soundboard.
  • True Multiplex 6 Channel Distributed Audio
  • Integrated Fire Phone capability
  • Modular System – components added as needed
  • Integrated 2 Channel Digital Message Repeater
  • Live Microphone Page to any zone
  • Fast RS-485 Communication Protocol
  • Fully Supervised
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Natural Sound Voice Recordings
  • Built in Alarm and Alert Signals
  • Up to 4 Minute Message Capacity
  • Works with 12VDC or 24VDC Fire Alarm Panel
  • Works with Analog/Addressable and Microprocessor based Fire Alarm Panels
  • 3 Minute Message Restart on Microphone Key

Mircom’s Fire Fighter Telephones are designed to
operate in conjunction with Mircom’s QX-5000 Series
Emergency Zoned Audio System. These telephone
handsets are permanently installed throughout a
building to allow Fire Fighters easy communication
with the main control panel. The Fire Fighter telephone
stations provide a handset behind a locked door.
Equipped with a “break glass” feature, the unit can be
accessed by unlocking the door or breaking the glass
section. The breakable glass section clearly indicates
“To open use key or break glass” in order to access
the unit.

The SH-TC Storage Cabinet holds up to six portable SH-FH telephone handsets. The SH-TC is a surface mount enclosure and comes with a key locked door.

The LBC 3470/00 is a 15 W high‑efficiency circular horn loudspeaker, provide excellent speech reproduction and sound distribution for a wide scope of indoor and outdoor applications. It is ideal for sports grounds, parks, exhibition areas, factories and swimming pools.
The horn is made from ABS and finished in light gray.

8 Zone Fire Telephone Control Panel, Wall Mounted, Networkable Up to 8 Panels, Fully Monitored, 24VDC Powered is used to make emergency voice announcements to people inside a building. The
system operates when a fire condition is detected, telling people to evacuate from the building. The GST-VES equipment
meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard and is UL listed. Accomplished with a microphone, amplifier, and
speakers, the building manager or fire department keys the microphone and broadcasts instructions in emergency condition.
The GST-VES system consist one GST-MP panel and several GST-DP panels. The GST-MP Master Panel operates in conjunction
with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) in a building to provide an automatic response to life safety emergencies.

Ceiling Speakers are designed for overhead audio applications for music and voice in small and large classrooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms. Each speaker has been designed to meet the needs of specific application requirements. Plenum-rated speakers with back cans are available for installation in plenum ceilings.

The role of a speaker box is the separate the waves produced by the front of the speaker, from the waves produced by the back of the speaker.

Spectra’s QuadXs 2C is engineered for optimum performance. It provides real-time monitoring of 4-doors access in all respects. It supports door-wise anti-pass backs. A prominent solution built for security; its controller and power supply units are protected with suitable housing to avoid any accidental damages. It allows quick data transfers to a centralised server, making it extremely versatile and agile system to work with.

A logic based solution that gives you complete control over your premises. It gives users the ease to set custom settings and exercise their rights, from individual to group doors. It saves time and ensures tighter security of the premises than it is required. From field up-gradable software to fast data transfer the solution is a mark of Spectra’s unrelenting trust and quality.

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