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The comprehensive range of contactors from L&T Switchgear is your key to meet every demand and suit every requirement across diverse applications.

Range of Distribution Boards

  • Conforms to IS 8623-1 & 3 , IEC 61439-1 & 3
  • Third party certification for Ingress protection (IP) and Mechanical impact (IK)
  • Perfect Blend of superior aesthetics ,contemporary feel and subtle presence that gels harmoniously with your décor
  • Wide and comprehensive range of Distribution Boards to take care of each and every customer requirements
  • Complete range of Distribution Boards is RoHS compliant


0.5A – 63A | B, C, D Curves | SP, DP, TP, FP

Available in AC & DC versions

The KEMA certified, AC MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers)  conforms to IS/IEC 60898-1 & IEC 60947-2, hence offers protection for both residential and industrial applications. Also, a Variety of DC MCB offers protection for various DC applications

Short circuit breaking capacity      : 10kA as per IS/IEC 60898-1

: 15kA(up to 40A)

10kA(50A & 63A)

DC MCBs conforms to IEC 60947-2

Rated voltage  : 130V(SP)/250V(DP) with rated short-circuit         breaking capacity of 6kA

Rated voltage  : 250V(SP)/500V(DP) with rated short-circuit         breaking capacity of 10kA

Salient features:

  • True Contact Indication in MCBs enhancing safety by reflecting actual contact status
  • Integrated Label holder for easy circuit identification
  • IP-20 Finger-proof terminals enhances safety and eliminates the chances of accidental contact


25A – 100A | 10mA – 300mA | DP & FP

ISI approved EXORA RCCBs provide protection against earth leakage fault and protect against electric shock for all AC type applications with conditional short circuit capacity of 10kA.

A modular RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breakers) has a Test button that facilitates checking the healthiness of the device by creating an artificial electrical fault. Its Neutral advance mechanism ensures complete protection.


40A- 100A | DP,TP & FP

Isolators are typically used for a switching function and to provide isolation in electrical circuits. The EXORA isolators ensures that the circuit remains completely isolated/ no current at the load side even if the impulse voltage when the isolator is OFF . It’s true contact indication reflects actual contact status for user’s safety.

  • Range of Controlling and monitoring devices
    • MCB accessories:  Auxiliary Contact, Trip Alarm Contact, Shunt Release

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