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Member reports at MCU are protected because of the nationwide Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, that is administered by the NCUA. The Share Insurance Fund insures specific reports up to $250,000; a member’s curiosity about all joint records combined is insured as much as $250,000. The NCUA Share Insurance Fund additionally separately protects IRA and KEOGH your your retirement reports as much as $250,000. The Fund has got the backing for the complete faith and credit of this united states of america.

“DFS is taking control of MCU and appointing the NCUA as conservator so that you can carry on the close joint DFS/NCUA tabs on the credit union’s condition, operations, and settings, to make sure that member funds are protected and that user solutions carry on without disruption,” Acting Superintendent Lacewell stated.

In 2017 DFS had uncovered too little board oversight which had facilitated the multi-million-dollar embezzlement by the previous CEO, Kam Wong. Read More